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Bothandlare . Bóree , s . Ett slags dans , worm , s . Bokmal z bo Prourm  English (en) Ελληνικά, Norsk bokmål, Svenska, polski, 简体中文, Latviešu, Türkçe, Bahasa Melayu, हिन्दी, Brazilian Portuguese  Dari (ﻯﺭﺩ), Dutch (Nederlands), English (Canada), English (GB), English (US) Nepali (नेपाली), Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Pashto  +46 (0)8 520 244 30 · Privacy and cookies (sv) Change language. International · Norsk Bokmål · Svenska · Dansk · Suomi · English  Bokmål; Nynorsk; Svenska; English. Log in; Your page · Your image order 0 · Search · Advanced search · Content types · Collections · Map · Timeline. Tel: 042 32 40 00.

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Azərbaycan Dili, Bahasa Melayu · Català · Dansk · Deutsch · Eesti · English · English Norsk Bokmål (Norge) · Polski · Português (Brasil) · Português (Portugal)  Norwegian-English Dictionary: A Pronouncing and Translating Foto. Gå till. File:Skjermskudd Content translation nynorsk-bokmål.png . Språk. English. Dansk · Deutsch · Ελληνικά · English · Español · Français · Hrvatski · Magyar · Bahasa Indonesia · Italiano · Nederlands · Bokmål · Polski.

High quality at a reasonable price. Bokmål är det ena officiella skrift språket för norska, som majoriteten i Norge använder.

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Upload your document  So you would want a bilingual dictionary (for example, Norwegian to English). It is both a monolingual and bilingual dictionary and has Bokmål and Nynorsk  6 Jan 2014 "I believe we deal with the variation in much the same way as English does – people who speak unusual dialects also know how to switch to a  The largest projects in this programme delivered a text-to-speech system and a demonstrator of quality translation from Norwegian to English. More recently, a  Text translator: Translate sentences or single words. Type your text in the 'Source text' input box, select source and target languages and whether to get marked  7 Dec 2018 Ant/Gr.lag.

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Bokmal to english

A more conservative orthographic standard is called Riksmål, The short answer is no.

Bokmal to english

Nynorsk: Eg har vore to gonger i Noreg. Both bokmål and nynorsk are official languages in Norway. 2017-10-24 · We continue our exploration of Bokmål by completing the next two lessons, Basics 2 and Phrases.Let’s take a look at some of the verbs we learn in Basics 2, then we’ll make a list of vocabulary. bokal translation in Croatian-English dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 145 sentences matching phrase "bokal".Found in 3 ms.
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This dictionary has both the Bokmal and Nynorsk definitions, as well as cross references to other root words. I have other dictionaries that are strictly contemporary word usage, but this one has it all. This is the most comprehensive Norwegian/English dictionary that I am aware of. 2021-4-12 · • FreeDict: Norwegian-English dictionary (& Danish-English, Swedish-English) • Heinzelnisse: Norwegian-German dictionary • Apertium: Norwegian bokmål-nynorsk translation & nynorsk-bokmål → online translation: Norwegian-English & other languages & web page • Loecsen: Norwegian-English common phrases (+ audio) 2021-3-25 · The LEXIN dictionary series is customized for non-native speakers who have limited proficiency in the Norwegian language.The dictionaries are illustrated and user friendly, and all content, design and user interface are developed with this target group in mind.The LEXIN dictionary contain many pictures and are easy to use. Norwegian-English-Norwegian dictionary to download for free (PC and phone) or look up online.

Bokmal (which means “book language”) is a Norwegian-ized form of Danish, and what roughly 85% of the population uses more on a daily basis – though that 85% also uses Nynorsk frequently as well. Norwegian to English translation service by ImTranslator will assist you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases and texts from Norwegian to English and other languages. Norwegian to English Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. Bokmål (UK: / ˈ b uː k m ɔː l /, US: / ˈ b ʊ k-, ˈ b oʊ k-/; literally "book tongue") is an official written standard for the Norwegian language, alongside Nynorsk.Bokmål is the preferred written standard of Norwegian for 85% to 90% of the population in Norway.
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A more conservative orthographic standard, commonly known as Riksmål, is regulated by the non-governmental Norwegian Bokmål ("ˈbuːkmɔːl", lit. "book language") is one of two official written forms of Norwegian; the other is Nynorsk. Bokmål is used by 85-90% of the population in Norway and the usual way to teach to foreign students.

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