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It is required to declare captchaConfig option and assigns it a captcha configuration key defined in app/config/captcha.php file (i.e. RegisterCaptcha ). J'ai suivi la doc github pour ajouter un champ à mon formulaire Register du bundle FosUserBundle, mais j'ai l'erreur suivante : Attempted to load class "RegistrationFormType" from namespace "Sdz\UserBundle\Form\Type". Instead, use MakerBundle: it has commands to generate a User class, login form, registration form and more. Ready to master Symfony's most popular bundle! FOSUserBundle can be a great way to get your application up and running quickly, giving you a User entity, registration pages, reset password and more. new Symfony\Bundle\AsseticBundle\AsseticBundle(), new aos\UserBundle\aosUserBundle(), new FOS\UserBundle\FOSUserBundle(), new HWI\Bundle\OAuthBundle\HWIOAuthBundle(), ); Configuration Add the following routes to your application app/config.yml and point them at actual controller actions FOSUserBundle is certainly the most popular bundle for Symfony to manage users.

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Fos user bundle register

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Fos user bundle register

In Registration, we have register.html.twig and register_content.html.twig. 6. Create the fos_user.oauth_provider service. In the security.yml we have defined the oauth_user_provider option with the app.fos_user.oauth_provider service, that till now doesn't exist, therefore you need to create it. The service returns the FOSUBUserProvider class and as arguments the user manager of FOSUserBundle and the Resource Owners Registering the Form with FOSUserBundle To tell FOSUserBundle about our form, we need to do two things. First, register this as a service. In my app/config/services.yml, add app.form.registration with class set to the RegistrationFormType.

Fos user bundle register

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This code example shows you how to integrate CaptchaBundle into FOSUserBundle login and register forms. HWIOAuthBundle is a great Symfony2 bundle that provides way to integrate web services that implements OAuth1.0 and OAuth2 as user authentication system. Once configured you can add infinite amount of web services as authentication source. After user authentication it is better to fetch user information from the web service and store them in DB so that the user does not have to input profile fos_user: db_driver: orm firewall_name: main user_class: AppBundle\Entity\User. The first line indicates the type of service, which in our case is orm, the second one contains the name of the firewall.

In security.yml, add an encoders key with AppBundle\Entity\User set to bcrypt.
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If you want to figure out how the bundle works, check it out to find out more. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. fos_user: db_driver: orm firewall_name: main user_class: IngrijireMedicalaAcasa\AppBundle\Entity\User registration: form: type: ingrijiremedicalaacasa_appbundle_registration confirmation: enabled: true service: mailer: fos_user.mailer.default from_email: address: … FOSUserBundle provides comprehensive user management.

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But I have some problems: "Cannot autowire service "fos_user.registration.form.fa Registering the Form with FOSUserBundle To tell FOSUserBundle about our form, we need to do two things. First, register this as a service. In my app/config/services.yml, add app.form.registration with class set to the RegistrationFormType. The FOS user bundle is a Symfony component to handle login and registration of users. It's very popular among Symfony developers because it reduces implementing that part of an application to some configuration settings and templates for the look and feel. The template behind this page is register.html.twig, which we already have open. But notice, it immediately includes register_content.html.twig.